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The key sustainability trends in 2023 that every wedding supplier needs on their radar

Jan 15, 2023

More and more couples are looking to make sustainable choices when it comes to their wedding celebration, so were put together the key sustainability trends in 2023 that every wedding supplier needs on their radar, so that you can help your couples – and the planet too!


Is sustainability really important to couples getting married in 2023?

The survey says… yes! The Sustainable Wedding Alliance conducted a poll in 2022 of couples planning their wedding and 98% said that sustainability was a factor when planning their wedding – and 78% said it was important to them. If you are a wedding supplier that hasn’t really put sustainability on the agenda yet, now is definitely the time to be discovering, planning and implementing sustainable practices in your businesses. If you are really fearful however of having to sacrifice your profit, or your style values to incorporate more sustainable systems, then that’s where the Sustainable Wedding Alliance can help. From the Alliance membership to full accreditation, we have tools, resources and all the support you need to create a business that balances people, profit and the planet.


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The key sustainability trends in 2023 for wedding supplies

  1. Repurposing, recycling and re-using
  2. Waste reduction
  3. Consciously celebrating


Sustainable wedding dress

1.Re-purposing. Recycling and re-using


From pre-loved wedding dresses to repurposed décor, a key sustainability trend for weddings in 2023 and beyond is making use of things which already have a story to tell. Couples are seeking more and more unique ways to create impact in their celebrations by making use of things which have had another life, and as a wedding supplier this is something you can definitely get behind.

Examples of things which could be repurposed:

  • Furnishings and décor
  • Signage and stationery
  • Floristry
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing


As soon as Princess Beatrice wore that iconic repurposed dress of Queen Elizabeths in 2020 we knew that this was going to be a trend that would catch on and grow in popularity. This is not just about buying a pre-loved gown, the sky is the limit when it comes to turning something iconic, into something legendary!

As a wedding supplier making a move towards using more repurposed or recycled items can have a positive impact on your margins as you’ll be able to re-use rather than acquiring new every time. The other joy of using items which have had a previous life is that they can become part of the storytelling in your marketing you can help your couples to create a rich tapestry for their celebration; whilst also having a positive impact on the overall carbon footprint of the wedding.

2. Waste reduction – a key sustainability trend for 2023 and beyond


Using things once and throwing them away is so 2020! Couples are now seeking venues and supplies in the wedding industry that have a proactive waste reduction polices and practices in place. From working with a wedding planner that will help them with the right consideration through to selecting catered that have an enterprising approach to food waste, there are no areas of a wedding that should be overlooked when it comes to reviewing for waste reduction opportunities.

Interesting facts – 3 of the biggest waste contributors at a wedding:

  • Single use plastics – From non biodegradable confetti through to cups, straws and flip flops for the dance floor, there is a massive opportunity to reduce waste through reducing single use plastics.
  • Wedding favours – Rather than individual edibles or expensive trinkets that get left on the tables, couples can explore options that reduce waste and could give a meaningful impact. Examples include repurposing the table décor to be take home gifts for the guests!
  • Food waste – A travesty at every wedding is the amount of food waste generated. If you are a supplier in this space then creating a proactive food waste policy will be popular with your clients, the planet and your bottom line!

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Conscious Celebration


3. Continuously celebrating – its about the celebration, not the event


Since the Covid pandemic, couples have been either forced to make decisions about the size of their celebration, or they’ve made a conscious decision about the size of their wedding, and this trend isn’t going anywhere. More and more couples want to celebrate in a meaningful way, making the day less about a fancy function with all and sundry invited, to an intentional event that focuses on honouring their commitment.

As part of this, couples are reviewing:

  • The number of guests
  • Their approach to food and drink
  • The order of the day (and the traditions within it)
  • The pre and post wedding celebrations
  • The transport arrangements


These decisions are not just budget related but a purposeful move to have a wedding that creates less of a burden – to the wallet, the stress levels and the planet! As a wedding supplier you can embrace this. Work with your couples to understand what they want to achieve and why, assisting them to make conscious decisions.

Whether you are a photographer, florist, venue or stylist, getting these sustainability trends on your radar and creating policies and practices that will allow you to meet the needs of your couples will have a win-win effect. If you need some help with incorporating some of these trends into your business model, get in touch with us at the Sustainable Wedding Alliance where we can begin your conscious journey.


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