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By choosing to become a member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance you’re making a meaningful investment in your business’s sustainable future.

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Why become a member?

By joining the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, we give you the resources to help you to reduce your environmental impact, put sustainable, long term strategies in place and promote your green credentials to your customers.

Being a sustainable, ethical business gives you the competitive advantage when it comes to conscious couples looking for their wedding suppliers.

We predict that within the next 5 years, businesses across the hospitality sector will be required by law, to work in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way. By reducing your impact now, you are getting ahead of any enforced requirements, creating your own sustainability policy that works for your business.

We take away the stress and confusion of working out what environmental practices are best for your business, provide you with advice and support and keep you up to date with the latest sustainable initiatives from within the wedding industry and beyond.

We can help you to build a business that you’re proud of. One that has sustainability at its core.

What’s included in the membership?

As part of your Sustainable Wedding Alliance membership, you will receive an in depth assessment on your business’s sustainability processes and procedures.

Once we have compiled the results, we will review your personalised action plan with you, and where appropriate, advise any areas where enhancements could be made.

You will also have access to our members area, which contains a wealth of information: a library of resources for you to download and use, a supplier directory of sustainable venues and suppliers, and access to networking events – both online and in person. You can login to the members area anytime, with fresh new content added every month.

Membership also includes accreditation, for those businesses who achieve a minimum standard. When you become accredited you will be permitted to use the Sustainable Wedding Alliance accreditation badge on your website, social media and marketing materials.

Accredited businesses will be reassessed annually and required to meet the minimum standard to maintain their status.

Membership benefits

  • Resource library with practical templates, checklists and guides
  • A monthly topic focus area with tutorials and support
  • Entry into the Sustainable Wedding Directory which includes a backlink to your website
  • Local and national networking events – both online and in person
  • Monthly training sessions on topics suggested by members
  • Monthly members call
  • Guest expert training sessions on specialised topics
  • Directory listing on Green Union
  • Access to the team to ask questions, seek support and get support from the other members!
From £300 a year / £25 a month, with a minimum of a year commitment (that’s less than 90p a day). 

Membership fees vary depending on the size of a business. This is due to the differing requirements of the sustainability assessment for small, medium and larger businesses.

In addition to the above benefits, we also plant trees on behalf of every new member, and fund CO2 reduction projects.

Sustainable Wedding Alliance

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

So much more than a membership

Be part of a community proud to be driving sustainability in the wedding industry.

Guest Experts

We host regular masterclasses with experts from different areas of the business community. Each brings a different perspective on sustainability, helping you to think about new ways of developing your own business in a sustainable way. 

Simple Steps to Sustainability

There is no such thing as a quick win in the world of sustainability, but within the resources library you’ll find our ‘Simple Steps to Sustainability’ guide which is a useful checklist to help you if you are starting out on your sustainability journey.

Building a Better Future

We’re working towards a common goal of a more sustainable, ethical wedding industry. By joining the Sustainable Wedding Alliance you’re taking a meaningful step towards a better future for your people, the planet and profit.

Are you ready to make your business more sustainable?

We are passionate about creating a more sustainable wedding industry through education, support and accreditation. We work with businesses, like yours, to create long term sustainable strategies that you can implement yourself, or with our support.