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How Wedding Businesses Can Embrace Plastic Free July

Jun 20, 2024

July is synonymous with celebrations, and for wedding professionals, it’s often a whirlwind of activity. But amidst the joyous chaos, there’s an opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment: embracing Plastic Free July. Here’s how your business can champion sustainability and inspire plastic-free weddings this July and beyond.

Leading by Example: Reduce Plastic in Your Business

First things first, assess your own operations. Here are some actionable steps to minimise plastic use:

  • Ban single-use plastics in the business: Eliminate plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, and water bottles from your office or workspace. Invest in reusable alternatives like bamboo straws, metal cutlery, and glass or stainless steel water bottles.
  • Rethink packaging solutions: Source biodegradable or compostable packaging materials for any items you send to couples. Explore options like recycled paper envelopes or reusable cloth pouches for brochures or promotional materials.
  • Embrace digital solutions: Move towards paperless operations. Offer online booking options, e-invoices, and digital contracts. This not only reduces paper waste but also streamlines workflows.
  • Partner with like-minded sustainable focussed businesses: Choose suppliers who prioritise sustainability. Opt for caterers who use compostable plates and cutlery, collaborate with florists who avoid unnecessary plastic wrapping, and source wedding favours from vendors who offer plastic-free options.

Inspiring Plastic-Free Weddings: Empowering Couples

By embodying sustainable practices, you become a role model for couples planning their wedding. Here’s how to translate your commitment to Plastic-Free July into actionable advice for your couples:

  • Offer plastic-free wedding packages: Develop eco-friendly wedding packages that highlight your efforts and include alternatives like reusable water bottles for guests, locally sourced food served on biodegradable plates, and plantable seed paper wedding favours.
  • Educate & collaborate: Create blog posts or social media content highlighting the benefits of a plastic-free wedding. Offer consultations where you discuss plastic-free options with couples and collaborate with like-minded wedding professionals to provide comprehensive plastic-free services.
  • Showcase sustainability and inspire couples: Showcase real weddings that embraced a plastic-free approach. Feature photos and testimonials on your website or social media platforms to inspire future couples.

Beyond Plastic-Free July: A Lasting Commitment

Plastic Free July is a fantastic starting point, but the goal should be to create a lasting change. Encourage couples to go plastic-free beyond July by offering them resources and inspiration throughout the wedding planning process.

You can also connect them with vendors committed to sustainable practices, such as those within the Sustainable Wedding Alliance membership. Together, you can create a wedding industry that prioritises environmental responsibility long after July is over.

Embrace the Power of Change

By taking action, however small, wedding professionals can make a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste. Encourage your couples to do the same, turning Plastic Free July into a lifelong commitment to a more sustainable future for the wedding industry and the planet. Remember, every plastic straw skipped, every recycled material chosen, and every eco-conscious decision made contributes to a more beautiful tomorrow. So, let’s celebrate Plastic Free July with enthusiasm and use it as a springboard for a lasting commitment to a greener wedding industry.

Spreading the Message: Marketing Your Plastic-Free Efforts

Making a difference requires spreading awareness beyond your immediate circle. Here are some creative ways to amplify your message and inspire others to join the plastic-free movement:

Forge powerful partnerships: Collaborate with local eco-friendly businesses like shops, restaurants, or event spaces. Together, you can organize joint Plastic-Free July events or promotions. This not only strengthens your community presence but also expands your reach, attracting couples who share your commitment to sustainability.

Host educational workshops: Knowledge is power! Organise informative workshops or webinars for couples and wedding professionals. These sessions can focus on educating participants about plastic-free alternatives for various aspects of a wedding. Invite local businesses that offer sustainable products and services to showcase their offerings during these workshops. This fosters collaboration within the wedding industry and provides couples with a one-stop shop for eco-friendly wedding planning.

Engage your audience on social media: Social media platforms are powerful tools for spreading awareness. Use your platforms to share educational content about plastic pollution and its impact. Showcase success stories from plastic-free weddings you’ve helped plan. Offer valuable tips and inspiration for couples looking to reduce plastic use on their big day. Encourage engagement by running interactive polls, hosting Q&A sessions, and organizing contests with prizes that promote eco-friendly living.

Building a Sustainable Future: Together We Can Make a Difference

Embracing Plastic-Free July is more than just a fleeting trend; it’s a call to action for the wedding industry to embrace sustainable practices. By implementing the suggestions above, you can inspire others to join the movement, empower couples to make eco-conscious choices, and contribute to a future where beautiful weddings don’t come at the cost of environmental damage.

Join the Sustainable Wedding Alliance: A Community of Changemakers

Becoming a member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance (SWA) can propel your commitment to the next level. The SWA connects you with a vibrant community of wedding professionals dedicated to environmental responsibility. Gain access to a wealth of resources, including downloadable guides, informative webinars, and expert advice on reducing your footprint.

Let’s work together this July and beyond to make plastic-free weddings the norm. Join the SWA and become a leader in environmentally responsible wedding planning, leaving a lasting legacy of love and sustainability for generations to come. Start planning your Plastic-Free July initiatives today, and watch your business blossom as part of a thriving community dedicated to a greener wedding industry.

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How Wedding Businesses Can Embrace Plastic Free July
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