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Featured Member: Libby Clark Photography

Feb 28, 2023

Libby Clark has been a Wiltshire Family & Wedding Photographer since 2010 and runs her business from her home in a little village near Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Very aware of the environmental impact her business creates, Libby takes steps to be as sustainable as possible and in 2023 is aiming to gain accreditation with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance.



Wedding Style


So often Libby hears people say “I hate having my photo taken”, “we’re so awkward in front of the camera”, and “we hate posed photos”.


The good news, with Libby is you’ll love having your photo taken because she makes it fun! You’ll barely notice she is taking a photo because you’ll be too busy laughing and she hates posed photos too!


“It’s your wedding day, not the cover of Vogue magazine right?”


Some of the loveliest feedback Libby has had is that she always captures the happy moments, couples barely remember seeing her on the day and it was like having a friend take their photos.


Libby wants to laugh with you, your friends, and your family, and for you to feel so relaxed with her that she can capture the more intimate moments without you realising she is doing it. Her style is reportage, aka documentary wedding photography, aka it’s all about the candids!



On the Day 


The value Libby brings to your day is really important to her so you don’t just get a wedding photographer; you get someone on hand throughout the day who goes above and beyond the call of duty.


Her wedding photography kit bag includes, other than the obvious cameras, lenses and lighting, plasters, a sewing kit, crochet hooks for tricky buttons on dresses, umbrellas, emergency snacks, and all sorts of other things!


You’ll probably see her fixing buttonholes, teaching bridesmaids how to corset or bustle up a dress, and sorting hoops that slip. Most importantly she brings a friendly face, calm composure, and the wish for you to enjoy your day more than anything.


Going Green


Running a green business with nature at it’s heart is something that has always been important to Libby. From her branding with package names such as Birch and Oak, business cards made of recycled cotton, through to delivering final photos via an online gallery instead of a USB and doing the vast majority of photo shoots out in the fresh air instead of a studio.


In 2021 she also made the conscious decision to switch wedding album supplier to @fineartalbums Folio’s albums are beautifully handmade, offering some truly stunning options to make sure your album is bespoke to you. The best thing? All of the materials are from sustainable sources and 100% recycled! Amazing!


All photos shown have been taken by Libby except the one of herself of course which was taken by @akrobins.petphotography who you might be surprised to see is a pet photographer!


To find out more about follow her @libbyclarkphotography or visit her website at

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