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Ditch the Disposable, Embrace the Delicious: Your Sustainable Wedding Starts with the Venue!

Feb 13, 2024

So, you’ve popped the question, the champagne’s gone flat, and reality is setting in: it’s wedding planning time! But hold on before you dive headfirst into Pinterest boards of white tablecloths and fairy lights. This isn’t your nan’s wedding (unless she was a total rockstar, in which case, respect!). You’re a conscious, connected couple, and you want your big day to be as epic as it is ethical. That’s where sustainability comes in, and trust us, it doesn’t have to mean crunchy granola and composting centrepieces!

The key to a truly sustainable wedding lies in the foundation – the venue. Forget generic hotel ballrooms and impersonal event spaces. Think outside the (cardboard) box! Here’s why choosing a venue that embraces seasonality and supports ethical practices is the ultimate adulting move…

Ditch the Food Miles, Embrace Local Flavours

Picture this: instead of flown-in asparagus in February, you’re feasting on seasonal, locally-sourced delights. Not only does this reduce food miles (and your carbon footprint!), but it supports local farmers, celebrates what’s fresh and in season, and guarantees your guests a taste of the region. Imagine juicy summer tomatoes bursting with flavour or a rustic autumn harvest spread – your taste buds will thank you!

Reuse, Repurpose, Rejoice!

Ditch the disposable decorations and embrace the charm of repurposing! Opt for a venue with unique architecture or natural beauty that needs minimal embellishment. Think exposed brick walls, fairy lights strung across ancient trees, or a charming barn with vintage furniture. Bonus points if the venue already has sustainable practices in place, like composting food scraps or using recycled materials.

Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide

Forget forcing flowers to bloom in unnatural seasons. Instead, embrace what’s naturally in bloom! Spring weddings are bursting with vibrant wildflowers, summer offers lush greenery and colourful blooms, autumn brings fiery foliage, and winter holds the magic of frosted landscapes and evergreens. Choosing a venue that aligns with the season not only looks stunning but reduces the need for energy-guzzling climate control.

Community Matters

Choosing a venue that supports the local community is a win-win. Think family-owned farms, historic landmarks, or even community gardens. Not only are you supporting local businesses, but you’re also creating a unique experience for your guests and investing in the future of your community.

Small Steps, Big Impact

Don’t underestimate the power of small choices! Look for venues with energy-efficient lighting, water conservation practices, and waste reduction initiatives. Ask about their recycling policies and see if they offer sustainable catering options. Every little bit counts, and you’ll be setting the tone for a conscious celebration.

Remember, choosing a sustainable venue isn’t just about saving the planet (although that’s pretty darn important!). It’s about creating a wedding that reflects your values, supports your community, and sets the stage for a lifetime of conscious decisions together. Ditch the disposable, embrace the delicious, and let your wedding be a celebration of love, community, and the planet we all share. Cheers to a conscious happily ever after!

Want more tips and inspiration for planning a wedding that reflects your values? Check out our blog posts on Conscious Couples Planning Blog for more ideas on making your big day unique, meaningful, and sustainable!

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