Businesses should be rewarded for being sustainable…

Sep 26, 2022

but they aren’t… or at least they weren’t!

Being a sustainable business isn’t about financial gain, it’s about being responsible, making considered choices and balancing the three sustainable pillars – environmental, social and economic.  It’s a way of doing business, about progress over perfection and collaboration over competition. Respecting and valuing everyone involved in and touched by your business.

It’s also not about words, it’s about action. We’ve seen many businesses claiming to be sustainable but in practice, when you drill down into their actions, they are being anything but. Greenwashing is rife across all industries, and as a sector that works directly with couples it’s our responsibility to ensure that we are being open, honesty and transparent about what we’re doing in our businesses.

Having said that, reward and recognition are so important when it comes to wellbeing. Recognition is one of the fundamental human qualities which we all need to thrive, both personally and professionally.


It’s time to recognise sustainable businesses

We recognise that businesses working hard to be more sustainable, spending more time working in their business and making long term, sustainable change don’t always have time to shout about the amazing things they’re doing. Acknowledging outstanding businesses and individuals, and encouraging sustainable behaviours is something that is truly important to us.

We’re excited to say that in October we’re be launching the first Sustainable Wedding Awards, recognising individuals, businesses and teams that not only doing their ‘bit’ but also empowering and encouraging others to do the same!


What’s the reward for being a sustainable business?

Change is needed on a grand scale, but that doesn’t mean that individuals and businesses don’t have a role to play. It’s actually the opposite. We know that couples want to work with sustainable businesses, and so by making it easy for them to find and choose the right suppliers to work with, you’re creating an impact far beyond your own business.

Our aim is to be equip you with the knowledge and understanding needed to run a sustainable business. Putting in place long term strategies, as well as making immediate, impactful changes. Through informed and responsible decision we can together, have a greater impact on climate change.

The reward is simple, inspiring couples to make considered choices by working with you, mean they’re also putting their money into sustainable businesses. The more couples that make conscious choices, they more the industry will see companies that care not only about profit, but also people and planet benefit.


Do you want to be part of the change?

Collaboration and community in the wedding industry is key to ensuring that we can develop our businesses to be more sustainable, balance people, profit and planet and influence and inspire couples to make considered, conscious choices.  We’re proud to be building a community of businesses leading the change. Are you ready to join us? 

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