Win. Don’t Bin with Guardians of Grub for Food Waste Action Week 2023 

Mar 6, 2023

Hospitality and Food Service professionals can show how they are saving food, money and time in the race to Net Zero by keeping food from being wasted this March. 

Author: Eleanor Morris, WRAP 


Whether you’re a chef, server, or part of the head office team, your actions to stop food from being wasted in your home and at work can and do make a difference to the planet. 

Food Waste Action Week, from 6-10 March 2023, is the time to really step up your efforts as our Guardians of Grub heroes and share how you can ‘Win don’t bin’ our precious food This year’s Food Waste Action Week is focused on saving time and money by making food go further. Whether you are at work or home, you can join in with the Week’s activities and make a noise about how you Love Food Hate Waste with colleagues, family, and friends. 


You can make a difference. You can be the difference 

In the UK, the Hospitality and Food Service sector throws away over one million tonnes of food, 75% of which could have been eaten. 

It’s a shocking statistic, especially in these times when we are all trying to make savings. However the good news is that we all have the power to take action to reduce food waste. Measuring and reducing wasted food can be made an everyday practice in Hospitality and Food Service. And as soon as you start tracking what’s being thrown away, you and the team can spot what’s being wasted and why. You can then take steps to reduce it and save time and costs. 

And with the production of every pea, potato and slice of bread releasing CO2e into the atmosphere, taking action is a tangible way to play your part in tackling the climate crisis and working towards achieving Net Zero. 


Tools to make it easy 

The Guardians of Grub are here to help – we’re an established force in the sector that’s helping a growing number of businesses to save food, money and time by reducing wasted food. We have worked closely with leaders in the 

industry to create the tools you need to engage your teams and networks to take action. And Food Waste Action Week is a great time to get behind the campaign. 

The free Guardians of Grub tracking tools have helped professionals across the UK make savings. Why not join them – use our simple tracking sheets, posters and calculator to work out how much you can save during Food Waste Action Week, and let us know your results? 

Our brand new toolkit, Protecting Profits from Plate Waste, brings focus to plate waste in your business. Using the latest consumer insights, it will guide your businesses on how to measure, take action and engage teams and customers to Win. Don’t Bin. when dining inside and outside of the home. 

We’d love you to contribute to the conversation and share your own tips & inspiration to save food. Drop us a line on social, using #FoodWasteActionWeek #GuardiansOfGrub hashtags, and tagging @LFHW_UK and @WRAP_UK on social media channels and @GuardiansOfGrub on Facebook and Instagram. 

You’ll be joining illustrious Guardians of Grub such as The Ship Inn, Cumbria, who found that measuring helped to reduce food waste by 72% in just 4 weeks. Making small tweaks, such as adjusting portion sizes, and reassessing garnishes resulted in saved money and satisfied customers. 

We all have a role to play and we are all part of the solution. The UK’s goal is to halve food waste by 2030, and by working together we can make this happen. 

So visit for the tools you need to rise up against food waste in your workplace. 

For household top tips head to and follow @LFHW_UK for tonnes of ideas and inspiration. 

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