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Weddings for the Wild

Apr 6, 2022

In the wake of COP 26 we are all grappling with how to change our daily behaviours to help the fight against climate breakdown. A recent poll by Kantar Public suggests that many citizens of developed (highly polluting) nations are unwilling to make necessary lifestyle changes, whilst they agree that changes are necessary.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a charity that works to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding – the large-scale restoration of degraded ecosystems. Rewilding can revitalise our living systems, bringing abundance and diversity of life back to our landscapes. Native woodlands provide a home for red squirrels, pine martens and wildcats, as well as enriching our soils. Healthy peatlands store huge quantities of carbon, purify our air and water, and support an abundance of insect life. Additionally, wilder rivers are not only vital for fish like salmon, but reduce the risk of flooding and drought.

Put simply, rewilding brings huge benefits to nature, climate and people.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture has created a mechanism for the public and businesses to invest in rewilding, and in doing so, lock away the carbon generated via a range of activities – travel, lifestyle choices, business operations and, most recently, weddings.

Carbon offsetting via rewilding directly supports an ecologically restored landscape, where habitats are better connected and species can recover, expand and disperse. Our rewilding activities are all carried out in Scotland, a country that despite its spectacular landscapes, is one of the most nature-depleted nations on Earth.

Sustainable Wild Weddings

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture works to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland.

Weddings for the Wild

Our new Weddings for the Wild package brings couples and their guests closer to rewilding, allowing the big day to contribute to the transformational recovery of nature. As well as the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of a wedding event itself, we provide a gateway to unique wedding venues surrounded by wild nature. All venues are land partners in our Rewilding Network, which brings together a group of farms, crofts, small estates and community woodlands, all committed to nature recovery.

We also offer wedding guests the chance to replace material gifts with a gift to nature – a donation that is channelled into the creation of new natural habitats across our Rewilding Network.

Sustainable Weddings

Our Weddings for the Wild package brings couples and their guests closer to rewilding

How does offsetting work?

The process of capturing and locking away carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas created through human activity – is known as carbon sequestration. By restoring a vibrant tapestry of natural habitats, rewilding creates carbon sinks, effectively trapping the carbon within the plants and soil.

Sustainable Weddings

Rewilding supports an ecologically restored landscape, where habitats are connected and species can recover

How much does offsetting cost?

The London School of Economics recommends carbon should be priced at a minimum of £40 per tonne. With a typical wedding in the UK emitting 14.5 tonnes of carbon* an offsetting donation of £600 would be appropriate for most weddings.

*Source: Climate Care


Where does offsetting income go?

Whilst rewilding is fundamental to climate adaptation, funding mechanisms to support it are limited. Our dedicated Rewilding Fund responds to this and empowers a wide range of people to contribute to nature recovery and climate mitigation. All donations to the Fund are channelled into rewilding actions across Scotland.


And there’s more…

To make more rewilding happen, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture works to drive support for rewilding, commit more land and water to rewilding, return missing species and develop sustainable business models to make rewilding economically viable.

Wedding events can play a vital role in this.

In 2022 we will be launching other ways for couples and their guests to directly engage with rewilding – through nature-based experiences. These will include off-grid honeymoon accommodation and unique wildlife viewing opportunities.

Sustainable Weddings

Weddings can play a vital role in rewilding

Watch this space…

Read more about Weddings for the Wild on our web site:

Written by Katherine Tubb, Rewilding Business Manager, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture


About SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a charity that works to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding, in response to the growing climate and biodiversity crises.

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