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First UK Sustainable Wedding Awards finalists announced with award ceremony confirmed for 26th January

Dec 14, 2022

Applications are in and the shortlists for the Sustainable Wedding Awards are out!

The awards are the UK’s first awards celebrating sustainability in the wedding industry, recognising and rewarding businesses in the wedding industry for their commitment to sustainability across 8 categories, including Sustainable Supply Chain, Food Waste Prevention Champion and Sustainable Start Up Award.

Companies will also be recognised for their leadership on the journey to net zero, and how they’re promoting sustainability to couples. In addition, there will be a Judge’s Choice Award awarded to a non-category winner whose business wowed the judges!

Congratulations to the finalists:

Winners will be announced at our virtual awards ceremony on Thursday 26th January. To keep the event’s event’s carbon footprint to a minimum we have chosen to hold the awards ceremony online so that all nominees, finalists and the wider industry can attend to join with us in celebrating the inspiring and innovative work our finalists are doing. As part of the awards ceremony, we will highlight the innovative ideas, stories and best practice shown by businesses and individuals, hoping to inspire other businesses to take action.

Michelle, Sustainable Wedding Alliance’s founder, said: “The awards celebrate the work and positive impact that businesses are having on people and planet in the wedding industry. Championing those that are making progress in their sustainability journey and encouraging others around them to do the same. It’s been such a pleasure reading and reviewing the applications. There are so many businesses doing amazing things and they just aren’t shouting about them enough! Our finalists are truly raising the bar in all aspects of sustainability. It’s about time they are recognised and celebrated for their action.”  

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For more information, please visit Sustainable Wedding Awards.


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