Love, Action, and Mother Nature: A Recap of the Sustainable Wedding Summit

Feb 7, 2024

The first-ever Sustainable Wedding Summit, held on February 1st, 2024, wasn’t your average wedding industry gathering. Forget the glossy brochures and fleeting trends – this summit was all about real impact. With Mother Nature serving as a symbolic ever-present guest, a chair adorned by a member florist, Lilac and Lace Floral Design, stood sentinel throughout the day, reminding everyone to ask the crucial question: “What would nature say?”

From the moment attendees stepped into the bustling BMA House, the focus was clear: actionable change. Interactive sessions like “Happily Ever After… and Beyond” and “Net Zero: Decoding the Buzzword” went beyond theory, offering practical tools and strategies for wedding professionals to weave sustainability into their businesses. Expert-led workshops tackled everything from carbon reduction plans to ethical marketing and navigating sustainable supply chains.

But the summit wasn’t just about dry information. Inspiring voices from established sustainable businesses and beyond the wedding world shared their innovative solutions and experiences, firing up imaginations and sparking connections. Throughout the day, the energy crackled with a shared purpose: to create a future where weddings celebrate love and the planet.

And let’s not forget the food! Delicious, plant-based cuisine from Company of Cooks, nourished attendees while showcasing the possibilities of sustainable catering. Beyond the physical sustenance, the summit nurtured something even more powerful: connections and collaborations. For many, it was a chance to finally meet in person after years of virtual interactions, strengthening friendships and forging new partnerships within the community of changemakers.

The Sustainable Wedding Summit was more than just a one-day event; it was a turning point. Attendees left with actionable roadmaps for transforming their businesses, attracting conscious couples, and building a legacy that goes beyond fleeting trends. The movement is gaining momentum, and the future of weddings looks bright – and green!

So, did you miss the summit? Fear not! The echoes of inspiration and practical wisdom live on. Dive into the hashtag #SWS24 and #SustainableWeddingSummit to discover resources, connect with the community, and join the movement. Remember, it’s not just about weddings; it’s about rewriting the love story for our planet. Let’s celebrate responsibly, together.

Inspired by the summit’s energy and ready to be part of the change? Joining the Sustainable Wedding Alliance as a member is your chance to stay connected, access exclusive resources, and collaborate with fellow changemakers. Together, we can rewrite the love story for weddings, ensuring celebrations that cherish both love and the planet. Visit to join the movement and be part of the future of sustainable weddings!

Featured image: Photo by Zoe Mills Photography

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