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Sustainable Wedding Awards Launched – recognising the positive impact of wedding businesses

Oct 17, 2022

We’re proud to launch the UK’s first national Sustainable Wedding Awards, exclusively for businesses in the wedding industry. The awards recognise and reward businesses in the wedding industry for their commitment to sustainability.

We celebrate the work and impact that businesses are doing to balance people, profit and planet. Championing those that are making progress in their sustainability journey and encouraging others around them to do the same.

As part of the awards, we will highlight the innovative ideas, stories and best practice shown by businesses and individuals, hoping to inspire other businesses to take action.

“We’re excited to be launching the first Sustainable Wedding Awards. We see first-hand the positive impact that businesses are having, not only on their business, staff and supply chain but also their customers – helping move drive a more sustainable wedding industry. It’s about time they are recognised and celebrated for their action.” Michelle Miles, Sustainable Wedding Alliance

We invite businesses from all areas of the industry to apply

There are 10 categories for businesses to enter:

  • Net Zero Leader
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Food Waste Prevention Champion
  • Going Circular Award
  • Best Sustainable Swap
  • Waste Reduction Champion
  • Sustainable by Design Award
  • Sustainable Change Maker
  • Sustainable Start Up Award
  • Building Biodiversity Award

In addition to the ten categories listed, the Judges will have the option of awarding a Judge’s Choice Award – A wild card award solely chosen by the Judges to a non-category winner whose business impressed the Judges so much that they felt recognition is deserved.

The awards are open to anyone in the UK, working in the wedding industry that has been in business for a minimum of 12 months and have a publicly available Sustainability/Environmental Policy or declaration.

All entrants must meet the minimum eligibility criteria listed on the website. Applications entry will be assessed against the general award criteria in the category specific criteria (listed under each of the categories listed on the website).

The award ceremony will take place in January 2023.


Meet the 2022 judges

The judges joining the panel for the first Sustainable Wedding Awards represents both the wedding industry and world of sustainability. Using the award criteria, the judges will independently score each shortlisted application.

Judging panel includes:
Russ Avery, Avery & Brown
Adam Bastock, Small99
Katherine Ann Byam, Where Ideas Launch
Sian Conway-Wood, EthicalHour
Hannah Cox, Betternotstop
Abena Fairweather, Legacy Events
Jen Gale, Sustainable(ish)
Alison Hargreaves, Guides for Brides
Gwenda Jeffs, Green Union
Lynsey Penny, Hospitality and Food Service, WRAP
Imogen Read, Recycle My Wedding
Georgina Wilson-Powell, Author

For more information, please visit Sustainable Wedding Awards.


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