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How Wedding Businesses Can Celebrate World Environment Day

Jun 3, 2024

Every year on June 5th, World Environment Day serves as a global call to action, urging individuals and organisations to consider their environmental impact and take steps towards a sustainable future. This year’s theme – land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience – resonates deeply, particularly for businesses that rely on the beauty and bounty of nature, like those in the UK wedding industry. #GenerationRestoration

While weddings are about celebrating love, they can also leave a significant environmental footprint. However, don’t despair! With a touch of creativity and commitment, UK wedding businesses of all sizes can embrace sustainability and contribute to land restoration efforts. Here’s how you can weave environmental consciousness into your wedding offerings and inspire couples to do the same:

The Power of Restoration: Planting Seeds for Change

The theme of land restoration highlights the power of revitalising degraded land. While the UK may not face large-scale desertification, issues like soil erosion and habitat loss are very real. Wedding businesses can play their part by incorporating elements that promote restoration into their practices. Here are some ideas:

  • Plant a Tree, Gift a Legacy: Partner with a local tree-planting organisation. Offer couples the option to “gift” a tree in their honour, which will be planted in an area undergoing restoration. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also creates a lasting and meaningful memento for the happy couple.
  • Embrace Locally Sourced Flowers: Wildflower meadows are increasingly replacing traditional manicured lawns. Partner with florists who use locally grown, seasonal blooms and incorporate wildflowers into bouquets and centrepieces. This reduces the environmental impact of transporting flowers and supports local growers who practice sustainable farming techniques.

Water Conservation: Every Drop Counts

Drought resilience is a crucial aspect of land restoration. Water conservation is key, and the wedding industry can play its part:

  • Smart Watering Practices: If your business has gardens or landscaping, implement water-efficient irrigation systems. Consider using drought-resistant plants that require minimal watering. Educate yourself and your team on responsible water usage during cleaning and maintenance.
  • Consider Water: Offer couples environmentally conscious water bottle alternatives at the reception. Opt for reusable glass bottles with personalised labels or invest in stylish water dispensers with reusable cups. Encourage guests to refill their water bottles throughout the day, reducing reliance on single-use plastic bottles.

Embracing Wild Farming

Wild farming is an innovative approach that complements land restoration by encouraging natural growth and biodiversity. Wedding businesses can incorporate this philosophy into their offerings:

  • Foraged Favours: Partner with local foragers to source unique and delicious edible treats for wedding favours. This not only reduces packaging waste but also supports sustainable land management practices.
  • Locally Brewed Beverages: Offer couples the option to serve local craft beers, ciders, or even wines made with UK-grown ingredients. This not only adds a personalised touch to the reception but also supports local businesses that contribute to land restoration through sustainable farming practices.

Beyond the Big Day: Making Sustainability a Habit

World Environment Day is a great starting point, but sustainability should be a continuous commitment. Here’s how UK wedding businesses can make conscious practices an ongoing part of their operations:

Energy Efficiency: Conduct an energy audit to identify areas where your business can reduce its carbon footprint. This could involve switching to LED lighting, using energy-efficient appliances, and encouraging responsible energy consumption by staff.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Implement a robust recycling programme. Encourage vendors to use minimal packaging and source decorations and furniture made from recycled materials whenever possible.
Paperless Planning: Move towards paperless operations. Offer couples online booking options, e-invitations, and digital menu choices. This reduces paper waste and streamlines the planning process for everyone involved.

Inspiring Change: Educate and Collaborate

By embracing sustainable practices, UK wedding businesses can inspire couples to make conscious choices for their special day. Here are some ways to make your commitment resonate:

  • Highlight Sustainability on Your Website: Dedicate a section on your website to your sustainable initiatives. Explain your commitment to land restoration and the steps you’re taking to celebrate World Environment Day and beyond.
  • Spread the Word: Promote your sustainable efforts on social media and through blog posts. Share tips and ideas with couples to inspire them to incorporate environmentally conscious elements into their wedding plans.
  • Collaborate with Other Responsible, Conscious Businesses: Partner with caterers who use locally sourced ingredients, florists who work with sustainable flower farms, and transportation companies offering lower emission travel options. By working together, you can create a network of wedding professionals dedicated to environmental responsibility.

A Ripple Effect: Leading by Example

World Environment Day is a reminder that even small steps can create a significant impact. By incorporating sustainable practices into your wedding business, you’re not just making a difference for your own company, you’re inspiring couples and other wedding professionals to do the same. This creates a ripple effect, fostering a more environmentally conscious wedding industry in the UK.

Think about it – every tree planted, every locally sourced ingredient used, every drop of water conserved, contributes to a healthier planet. The beautiful natural landscapes that serve as backdrops for so many weddings can be further protected and enhanced through your efforts.

Beyond the Aisle: A Call to Action

World Environment Day is a catalyst for positive change. Let’s use this opportunity to move beyond the wedding aisle and embrace a holistic approach to sustainability. By working together, the UK wedding industry can be a leader in environmental responsibility, ensuring a future where love stories unfold amidst a thriving and resilient natural world.

So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating these sustainable tweaks into your business today. Celebrate World Environment Day with environmentally conscious action, and watch your wedding business blossom while contributing to a greener future for all.

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance: Your Partner in Sustainability

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. The Sustainable Wedding Alliance (SWA) is here to support UK wedding businesses in their sustainability efforts. We offer a wealth of resources, including downloadable guides, informative webinars, and a supportive online community.

Furthermore, the SWA provides access to valuable carbon literacy training. This training equips you with the knowledge and skills to develop a clear roadmap for reducing your emissions, and gives you the confidence to talk to those around you about reducing theirs too! Join the SWA today and let’s work together to weave sustainability into the very fabric of the UK wedding industry.


Featured Image – Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

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