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Event Cycle: Saving leftover event items from landfill and creating a positive impact in the process

Jul 8, 2021

EventCycle FoundersEvent Cycle, founded by Carina Jandt and Chantal Kerr-Sheppard, was created to tackle the problem of single-use event materials such as furnishings, graphics, plants and props going to landfill after events.

The pair met whilst working at an experiential marketing agency where Chantal was an Event Director and Carina worked in Technical Production. Together they helped create and make unique and exciting events and experiences which whilst looking great, came at a cost. An enormous amount of useful materials were being bought, used for a short amount of time and then ending up in skips.

Then, alongside their day jobs they had both been volunteering at a whole range of UK charities where they saw the demand for not only volunteers and monetary donations but for material items, a demand which has increased significantly during the pandemic. This is where they made the crucial connection. Event Cycle offers a service which directly connects the events industry to the not-for-profit sector – taking what would be waste from one industry and giving it a second, useful life in another feeding into a Circular Economy by keeping materials in use and out of landfill.

Saving leftover event items from landfill

With interest from not only the corporate events sector, Event Cycle is discussing projects with film and television producers, theatre designers and wedding planners who see all kinds of materials purchased for short-term use. All of these materials have the potential to be matched up with charities who could use the money saved for other much-needed services.

Since starting the initiative the request for donations has been as diverse as the not-for-profit network Event Cycle has built. From timber, wood sheets and silicone to sets, props, decorations, furniture, art supplies and “anything sheep related”. Yes really!

Those hay bales you bought for your festival wedding? They will work wonders at a city farm for kids. Those last-minute chalk- boards you bought for the bar? The children at the local art club would love to draw on them.

And if you want to design your wedding with social purpose in mind, Event Cycle has a database of donation requests all across the UK so you can buy your items with a charity destination planned as part of your big day.

There is a second life waiting for so many things. Don’t let your wedding decor go to waste. Repurpose with Event Cycle.

EventCycle Process Infographic

Want to know more? Say hello to Event Cycle at or


As part of our commitment to reducing waste, we will be organising donation days across the UK in which couples and businesses can donate unwanted items. We’ll announce the dates on our news page and social media.

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