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Eco Friendly Confetti – Buy It or Grow It?

Jul 27, 2022

For many years natural, biodegradable confetti has been the only type of confetti allowed at many wedding venues. As with much of the wedding planning process we know that it’s probably something you’ve never typed into a search directory before… and probably wont again.

There are two simple, straight forward options – buy it or grow it!


Buy from a Sustainable Confetti Farm

The simplest and most popular choice for many is to purchase environmentally friendly, colour matched confetti in bulk. One of the largest (and one of our favs) online retailers is Shropshire Petals.

“Real biodegradable delphinium and wildflower petals handpicked & handpacked on our Shropshire Farm”. Sounds good to us!

But commercial confetti farms aren’t the only place you can find beautiful, colourful, preserved petals. Talk to you local flower farm and florists and ask them if they also provide confetti, many do and it’s a both cost effective and minimise the travel footprint of the confetti.






Natural, Eco-friendly and Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

Confetti and flower farms harvest all of their petals from their own flower fields. All are 100% natural, eco friendly and biodegradable, just like blossom falling from a tree! They should be completely natural in colour, no dyes are ever added and they’re delicately handpicked and lovingly packed for your perfect ‘confetti moment!’


Colourful confetti makes for a great impact

Confetti trends depend on the season, but the colourful mixes with a variety of sizes and colours are always the most popular and give the best impact in photographs.


Eco Conscious Packaging

Ask your supplier how the confetti will be packaged, and shipped. Opt for eco friendly packaging – asking for paper packing and carbon neutral packaging. Or if coming from the florist, ask them to deliver it along with your bouquet on the day to save an additional trip.  You should also think about how you’re going to distribute the confetti on the day. Our favourite is the simplest and most popular – pop it all in a basket (or two) and ask your guests to take a handful.


Or… Grow Your Own Confetti

A trend that we’ve seen grow in popularity over recent years is the ‘grow you own’ option.

Natural petal confetti is biodegradable, natural and completely eco friendly. And it’s this time of year that is perfect for making it. Late Summer sees most flowers in bloom and especially roses, which are the staple of most confetti.

Making your own can be cost effective, but can be time consuming.  Check out this great post on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings on how to grow and dry your own.

Eco Wedding Planner


But what if don’t have any of the right type or colour flowers growing in your garden…

If you’ve a notice gardener and looking for inspiration, we love this kit from London based, The Gluttonous Gardener.

Included in the handy letterbox sized kit is a trio of seed packs, including Larkspur, Cornflower and Clary, all English country garden favourites, chosen for their beautiful colour, delicate petal shapes, and how easy they are to dry.

We think it would also make a great engagement gift.

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