Car Sharing: The more environmentally friendly way to rent cars

Dec 9, 2021

We know that the most environmentally friendly way of getting around is walking, riding a bike, catching the bus or taking a train – but sometimes there are journeys where a car is simply necessary. Through car sharing, Karshare hopes to give people the ability to make a positive difference even while using a car. So let’s dive into just a couple of the environmental benefits of car sharing, then highlight how you can make a difference and help be part of a world where we never have more cars than we need.

Car sharing reduces carbon emissions

Every car shared takes ten off the road. When you consider that the production of each car uses more than two years of road emissions it’s easy to see that the possible emissions savings via car sharing are huge. That means that peer to peer car sharing sites like Karshare can help reduce emissions for both car owners looking to make some extra cash – and drivers looking to rent a car. Studies have shown that sharing cars increases the likelihood of ‘car shedding’, in which car owners get rid of their current vehicle(s) and rely on different transport models for journeys they would otherwise have made in a private vehicle. By sharing your car, you could help enable others to shed theirs and vice versa!

Car sharing encourages active travel

Studies have found that people who use [car sharing services]( are more likely to pursue active travel (walking and cycling, specifically). For example, one study found that members of a car sharing scheme reported a 25% increase in walking and a 10% increase in bicycle use (plus a 14% increase in public transport use); another saw that members of a car share scheme reported both walking and cycling more after one year of joining.

“If we’ve got a good rental coming up, it means we have to think of something different – whether that’s jumping on a scooter or cycling. It has made us reconsider how we get around and discover all the other, eco-friendly ways of travelling.” Ian, Bristol

How can you get involved?
Share your car with others

If you’re looking to make a difference and help reduce carbon emissions, then why not [share your car]( with Karshare? This makes going car free easier for others who need to rent a car now and then – Your car can be the reason why someone else is able to go car free! Not only this, but you can earn up to £550 a month by sharing your car that would otherwise be sat idle.

Rent a car from your community

Rather than renting from a traditional hire company that is responsible for putting more cars on the road for rental purposes, why not rent from someone in your community? Making use of existing vehicles on the roads is a more environmentally friendly car hire method, and also means that you’re putting money back into your local community.

How does it work?

Karshare’s secure keyless technology KarshareGo is installed in each vehicle, making it easy for people to book a rental and unlock their car of choice without meeting face to face for a key handover. All rentals are instantly bookable and take place through the Karshare app, meaning no counters and no queues.

Car owners can set their car’s availability, price and minimum/maximum rental duration, having total control over when they choose to rent their car out. There’s no need to worry about insurance, as all rentals are fully covered by Karshare’s insurance policy which won’t affect the vehicle owner’s personal insurance.

Watch this video to hear from those who have put their cars on the platform and see what they have to say about their experience with Karshare so far.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with or visit today to find out more.

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