Business Declares a Climate Emergency

Sep 21, 2021

You may have heard us mention Business Declares in the past, but who are they, what do they do and how can you get involved?

Business Declares is a not-for-profit organisation formed by senior leaders with a vast range of experience from the SME, B Corp and FTSE100 sectors. We are official members of the UN Race to Zero team for COP26. We believe that business has a major part to play in tackling the climate, ecological and social emergency.

We exist to raise awareness across the business sector of the imperative to accelerate action to address climate change, biodiversity loss and social injustice: the imperative to future proof every business by balancing profits with people and ethics, to live within planetary boundaries.

We exist to galvanise the voice from the business community advocating for regulatory change, to build a resounding voice from business to propel a greater political will for urgent action.

We convene dialogues, acting as an agitator and critical business friend, to explore the difficult challenges which we know will take collective effort to solve.


What do you need to do to join Business Declares?

1) Declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency with membership to Business Declares – this involves your declaration and our logo being posted on your website and shared on social media, and allowing us to post your logo on our website (example declaration below)

2) Setting a net zero target by 2030 or sooner, covering Scope 1 and 2

3) Considering and discussing material scope 3 impacts of your business

4) Any abatement measures should use offsets that meet robust standards for additionality and permanence with a transition to permanent removals where possible

5) Create and implement the Climate action plan to reach your goals.

6) Supporting Business Declares advocacy efforts


If you’re ready to declare, please feel free to adapt the declaration example below for your website:

<<COMPANY NAME>> is proud to be joining Business Declares and the fast growing network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Our aim is to reach Net Zero by 2030 by reducing our emissions and improving our impact on biodiversity. Concern for both people and the planet are not new to us and we look forward to continuing to share our journey and ensuring our voice is part of the collective, resounding call for change. We are certainly not claiming to be perfect, neither are we judging others, instead we are part of a coalition of the willing looking to collaborate and accelerate action while continuing to highlight the challenges and uncomfortable truths.


How is Business Declares connected to the UN Race to Zero?

By joining Business Declares, you are also joining UN Race to Zero. This year, over 4,500 organisations have committed to halving global emissions by 2030, by joining the UN-backed, expert-reviewed #RacetoZero campaign.

They’re dedicated to racing us toward a healthier, fairer, safer, tastier, more natural, less wasteful and more joy-filled world, for every generation. Together we can do this, if we act now. Search #RacetoZero


For any queries, email and you will receive a prompt response.

Twitter: @BizDeclares
LinkedIn: Business Declares

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