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The wedding industry can build back better

May 20, 2021

After a year that has completely shaken our industry the end is in sight. Although the majority of wedding businesses haven’t be able  to run weddings since March 2020, many business owners have used the time to work on their business rather than for it.

We’ve seen a rise in businesses wanting to become more sustainable, and in particularly being more conscious of their the impact on the environment. Many have used the quieter months to look more in depth at their businesses, working out what sustainability means for them.

In 2020 the UK Government committed to build back greener, and formed the Environmental Bill which would, if passed, bring with it legally binding targets, plans and policies. The bill is still making its way through the commons, and should reach a public consultation in early 2022.  But there is no need to wait until then! You can start to make a difference now.


It’s time to take action and commit to making your business more sustainable

Whether you’re just starting out on your sustainable journey or have been developing your business to be more sustainable for a little while, we’re here to help. Our membership includes an in depth assessment on your businesses sustainability processes and procedures, we talk through what sustainability means for you and your clients and what you can do to reach your goal. We provide you with a detailed action plan for you to work through using the resources, templates and guides available in the members area. Once you’ve completed your action plan you’ll become accredited and receive the Sustainable Wedding Alliance accreditation badge and certificate for you to share proudly with your team, supply chain and clients.

In addition our membership includes monthly training sessions expert guest speakers, monthly members check in call, meet up events, and a listing on our partner directory website, Green Union.  We will also plant a tree in your business name with the Future Forest Company.

Become a member and join us in building back better.

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