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We’re so excited you’re joining us today at the Sustainable Wedding Summit. We’ve got a great day lined up for you. Below you will find the full programme, with speaker and room details, and a link to download a PDF version for use on the go too! 

I hope you’ve got your notepad and pen (or laptop) ready!

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Great Hall

Happily Ever After…and Beyond: Building a Sustainable Wedding Industry

With the average carbon footprint of a wedding in the UK being more than the average yearly footprint of a couple, we need to look at ways to make the industry more sustainable, helping couples to make more environmentally friendly choices. But what does that mean in practice for our businesses? In this session, we will hear from businesses across the industry that are leading the way. They will share their experiences and insights from their journeys.

We don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

Joining us on the panel are:

  • Anselm Guise, Elmore Court Estate
  • Celia Gaze, The Wellbeing Farm
  • Clare Clark, Company of Cooks
  • Kate Atkinson, Bridal Reloved

Hosted by Jen Gale, Sustainable(ish)


Great Hall

The Wedding Industry Reimagined: Embracing Challenges, Building Sustainable Solutions

An interactive session to discuss the challenges faced by different parts of the industry. “How can we dispose of wedding day waste?”, “what do we do to educate couples?”, and “how can we reduce our carbon footprint?” are just a few of the issues we hear regularly but we’d love to know from you what challenges you have, and what solutions you, or others in the industry may have found.

This is your opportunity to join together with other businesses in your corner of the industry and talk openly about the challenges you’re currently facing, so that others can support you to develop a solution.

Facilitated by Sustainable Wedding Alliance members this discussion will be in small groups – ensuring that you can share your challenges and solutions.


Great Hall

Net Zero: Decoding the Buzzword, Driving Business Transformation

Net Zero is the latest buzzword in the realm of climate action, but scientists say it’s key to keeping us safe from disaster. It essentially means ensuring that any human-produced greenhouse gas emissions are removed from the atmosphere through technological or natural means. 19 countries and the EU have adopted a Net Zero target, with deadlines ranging from 2030 to 2050.

In this session we will hear from representatives that work directly with businesses, large and small to measure, reduce and remove GHGs. It’ll be a practical, interactive session.

Joining us on the panel are:

  • Adam Bastock, Small99
  • Adam Oskwarek, Zopeful
  • Andrew Griffiths, PlanetMark
  • Lynsey Penny, Guardians of Grub

Hosted by Michelle Miles, Sustainable Wedding Alliance


Snow Room

Fuel Your Mind and Network Over Plant-Based Lunch

Grab your lunch (plant-based goodness, of course!) and join us for a lunch session that’s equal parts thought-provoking and delicious. Dive into the latest dilemmas explored on the popular podcast “Another Day, Another Dilemma” as they record live, right here! Witness the hosts tackle real-world conundrums and engage in lively debate, then fuel your own discussions with new colleagues and potential collaborators during networking time. This isn’t just your average lunch break – it’s a chance to engage with thought leaders, expand your professional circle, and refuel your mind and body for the rest of the event.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Live Podcast Recording: Be a part of the audience as “Another Day, Another Dilemma” records fresh off the heels of their morning session. Witness captivating discussions and thought-provoking debates unfold live!
  • Tantalising Plant-Based Lunch: Indulge in a delicious and healthy array of plant-based dishes that will tantalise your taste buds and nourish your body.
  • Networking: Expand your professional circle and forge new connections over casual conversation and shared plant-based goodness.
  • Mind-Fueling Inspiration: Leave the session energised and inspired, ready to tackle your own dilemmas with a refreshed perspective and newfound connections.

So ditch the boring brown bag lunch and join us for a lunchtime experience that’s as nourishing for your mind as it is for your body!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your curiosity, your appetite for networking, and maybe a notepad for any brilliant dilemma solutions that strike you during the session!


Great Hall

Refresh, Reconnect, Recharge: Gearing Up for the Afternoon

After a stimulating morning and a delicious refuel with our plant-based lunch, let’s come together for a mindful recharge before diving into the afternoon’s exciting sessions.


Great Hall

Social Sustainability: Galvanise your Community to Take Action for Climate and Nature

Does the responsibility lie on governments, businesses, or individuals to solve our climate and ecological crises? A hugely misplaced question – given that the three are so strongly dependent on each other. Businesses and governments are made up of people, and without their engagement, any progress will be limited.

In this session we will hear from Hermione Taylor, the Founder and CEO of Do Nation, an online pledge platform dedicated to engaging communities in action for climate and nature, largely focused on workplace engagement. We’ll hear about why she started Do Nation, her insights into wellbeing at work, and what you can do to inspire those around you to take positive actions for both people and planet.



Our afternoon workshops are designed to turn inspiration into perspiration, with four distinct action-packed sessions designed to equip you with tangible tools and strategies. Dive into crafting ethical marketing campaigns, building collaborative supplier networks, creating a carbon reduction plan, or speak up for nature.

Be prepared to brainstorm, experiment, and get your hands dirty – in the best way possible. This isn’t just about listening, it’s about doing, crafting solutions, and leaving with a practical roadmap to make your sustainable business vision a reality. So buckle up, fellow changemakers, let’s roll up our sleeves and build a greener future for the wedding industry, one workshop at a time!

Reducing Carbon Emissions: Build Your Carbon Reduction Action Plan

This workshop walks you through everything you need to know about upcoming sustainability legislation, the opportunity of taking action, and most importantly where to start. Come and meet other businesses locally who are on the same journey, and work out a plan together. You’ll leave with both a carbon footprint and a carbon reduction plan, all in under an hour!

Hosted by Adam Bastock, Small99

The Balancing Act: Navigating Tradeoffs in Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Join us for an engaging and interactive workshop that delves into the critical issues to be considered in building a sustainable supply chain for weddings and events. This workshop will help participants to assess their own supply chain practices and understand the complexities in determining whether a supplier is genuinely sustainable. We’ll share valuable insights, drawing from real-world case studies sourced from the Legacy Marketplace sustainable sourcing platform. These examples will shed light on the intricacies involved in making sustainable choices and showcase the tradeoffs that often need to be considered. The workshop aims to provide a holistic perspective on sustainability in the supply chain, revealing the challenges and decisions faced in the journey towards sustainability.

Hosted by Legacy Marketplace

Ethical Marketing: A Practical Masterclass with The Venue Experts

Ever wondered why your marketing efforts aren’t yielding the desired results, or why, despite seemingly doing everything ‘right,’ you’re not gaining traction? The Venue Experts (‘TVE’) can help! Our workshop covers all aspects of wedding business marketing – from defining your brand to setting clear, actionable goals. Learn authentic storytelling, content ideas, and practical tips for effective social media and beyond. This ethical marketing masterclass addresses sustainability, touches on greenwashing, and provides key tips for maintaining an ethical approach. This session will be packed full of useful marketing tips, direct from wedding industry experts. “At TVE, we work with a range of wedding businesses from across the UK and internationally, so we have a unique insight into what works in marketing – and what doesn’t.”

Hosted by The Venue Experts

Speak up for Nature: Write your Letter to the Earth

Are you feeling frustrated, anxious or alone in the face of the climate and nature crisis? Join co-founder of Letters to the Earth, Kay Michael, in an interactive workshop where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with nature, share your fears and hopes for the future, and channel your creativity by writing a ‘Letter to the Earth’. Letters to the Earth is an award-winning creative campaign calling on people everywhere to write and share a Letter in response to the planetary emergency. A letter can be written to or from anything on Earth – the Earth, or another species, person, place or moment in time. Join thousands of others worldwide – from parents and children, politicians and poets, actors and activists, songwriters and scientists – who are putting pen to paper, speaking up for the Earth, and connecting to what matters most to them. What do you have to say? Come away from this workshop with a deeper sense of community, purpose, and vision in response to the planetary crisis.

Hosted by Letters to the Earth


Snow Room

Recharge & Reconnect

After putting your learnings into practice in the workshops, quench your thirst for knowledge and network as your energy replenishes during this quick afternoon break. Grab a hydrating beverage, swap workshop insights with fellow participants, and refocus your mind for the next exciting session that awaits – all in a flash!


Great Hall

Beyond Greenwashing: Authentically Communicating your Sustainable Difference

In this session, unlock the secrets to ethical and impactful marketing for your sustainable wedding business. Forget greenwashing! Learn how to truly stand out and attract couples who resonate with your values by communicating your sustainable practices with transparency and confidence. Join us and discover how to go beyond greenwashing and communicate your sustainable difference with confidence and clarity. Together, let’s revolutionise the wedding industry and pave the way for greener celebrations!

Joining us on the panel are:

  • Pamela Rae-Welsh, Worsley Creative Services
  • Stacey Ferguson-Czersovski, The Venue Experts
  • Kate Beavis, Magpie Wedding

Hosted by Michelle Miles, Sustainable Wedding Alliance


Great Hall

Next Steps, No Regrets: Actionable Takeaways for a Sustainable Wedding Industry

As the sun sets on this inspiring summit, let’s gather one last time. Dive deeper into the actionable gems you’ve unearthed throughout the day, translating your newfound knowledge into concrete plans for your own business or personal practices. We’ll share tips, resources, and strategies to turn “ideas” into “I do’s”. Leave this session not with regrets, but with a roadmap to pave the way for a truly sustainable future for the industry, ready to celebrate the change makers at this evening’s awards ceremony.

Join us for this final spark of inspiration, and walk out the door empowered to write the next chapter of your sustainable journey.


Sustainable Wedding Awards Ceremony

To join the awards ceremony please book a separate awards ticket.

Thank you to our partners…

The Sustainable Wedding Summit is supported by businesses across the industry, without who this event just wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you to BMA House, The Venue Experts, Small99, Legacy Marketplace and Hostology for supporting the summit.

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Sustainable Wedding Summit Partner