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Dorothy Seed

Wales & Northern Ireland

Dorina and her partner Rupert run Dorothy Seed Ltd. They are florists in Newport, Gwent and have a stall in the refurbished Market; selling both fresh and dried flowers.

Having always wanted to work with flowers, from growing and harvesting them to creating beautiful, loose and naturally styled arrangements. Dorina enjoys using different textures and shapes and focussing on using natural materials, sustainable methods and eco-friendly items in all her designs.

“Your wedding flowers are a fun and creative way to complete your special day. When you choose us to be your wedding florists, we will work closely with you to create unique and beautiful designs that make the day even more unforgettable.

From the initial consultation and design process, through to the ceremony itself, our aim is to make your vision a reality so that you can focus on celebrating with your friends and family.

We love a challenge and use our creativity to problem-solve, so we are open to any other ideas you have in mind.”

Having become increasingly aware that a huge quantity of flowers are imported, she has also decided that where possible she will purchase British, locally grown, and seasonal produce. Seasonally grown flowers have beautiful colours and scents, adding individuality to each bouquet and arrangement.

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