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We are happy to speak and contribute to articles on sustainability within the wedding industry. 

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Who is the Sustainable Wedding Alliance?

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance’s mission is to drive change to create a more sustainable wedding industry. Raising awareness and tackling climate change and attitudes, by proactively encouraging businesses to develop future thinking strategies and make responsible decisions.

We inspire and educate couples, encouraging them to make conscious choices when planning their wedding.

Founded in 2020 by Michelle Miles

Press releases

We’ve joined the Better Business Act coalition
We’ve joined the Better Business Act coalition

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance is joining 1000+ businesses calling for a straightforward legislative solution: the Better Business Act will amend section 172 of The Companies Act to ensure that company directors are responsible for advancing the interests of shareholders alongside those of wider society and the environment. Read more...

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance Helps Environmentally-Conscious Wedding Businesses  Come Together to Create a More Sustainable Industry
The Sustainable Wedding Alliance Helps Environmentally-Conscious Wedding Businesses Come Together to Create a More Sustainable Industry

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance officially launched on 1 March 2021, aimed at guiding wedding businesses down their sustainable journey, through education, support and accreditation Read more...

Features and Mentions

Reducing Food Waste

The results of our sustainable couples survey were featured in the Independent article ‘Is a zero-waste wedding possible? Meet the company making it their mission to do so‘.

Yet, many Britons have become much more eco-conscious, and demand for sustainable weddings have risen. According to the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, 78 per cent of couples who took part in the group’s wedding sustainability survey said overall sustainability was a factor that was important or very important to them.

This article highlights how important it is to reduce food waste in the wedding industry. 

Building a Community

We’re proud to be a partner of Green Union, in March 2021 they told their audience how we were ‘Helping Environmentally Conscious Wedding Businesses Come Together To Create A More Sustainable Industry‘.

Naturally, this is a mission that is close to our hearts here at GREEN UNION! The network’s founder, Michelle Miles, and I first became acquainted last year when she submitted a couple of fantastic styled shoots as her alter ego, Fusion Events & Weddings, and I was delighted to welcome her as a GREEN UNION Partner earlier this year.

Our Wonder Women

Our founder, Michelle Miles was interviewed as part of the University of Oxford’s Wonder Women series.

What is your definition of entrepreneurship? To me, it about freedom; I come from a family of entrepreneurs, I grew up exposed to my family’s own business model. It gave my parents the freedom to spend time with their family. When I joined the world of work I was shocked by how regimented working routines were, and I struggled because of it. Being at a desk for a certain time and duration just didn’t make sense to me. To really flourish I needed freedom, and it’s one of the factors that helped me to make the jump into starting my own business, working hours that suit me

In this interview, Michelle shares how she started her career, why sustainability has become her passion and what’s next for her and the Sustainable Wedding Alliance.

Sustainable Bridal Fashion

We were asked by to shed light on sustainable bridal wear and what couples are looking for when searching for environmentally friendly outfits.


According to the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, “More designers than ever are choosing to work with sustainable fabrics and are advocating [for] slow fashion.” They also reveal that companies are now offering eco-conscious options to help complete an entire bridal look, like creating vegan bridal shoes.

“Being sustainable isn’t just about reducing waste or energy consumption, it flows through everything we do, in our businesses and at the weddings we produce. The most common thing we hear when talking to business owners is that they want to be more sustainable, but taking the first step can make them feel a little overwhelmed. That’s where we can help, by giving them the resources and support they need to develop a business with sustainability at the core.”

Michelle Miles, Sustainable Wedding Alliance, Founder