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Planning your Sustainable Summer Wedding – It’s not too late!

May 29, 2024

Your summer wedding is just around the corner, and excitement is no doubt bubbling over. But amidst the whirlwind of dress fittings and cake tastings, there’s another factor to consider: the environmental impact of your big day.

Sustainable weddings aren’t about skimping on the magic; they’re about celebrating your love story with a conscience. Here’s how you can weave sustainability into the fabric of your summer wedding, from last-minute touches to pre-wedding planning.

The Power of Numbers: Minimising Waste

Food waste is a hidden culprit at many weddings. Be upfront with your caterers – provide accurate guest numbers well in advance. Discuss portion sizes and the possibility of creating a smaller tasting menu instead of a three-course meal. Also consider your evening catering timings and numbers. If you’re sitting down to eat at 5pm (which most likely means 3 courses over a couple of hours), will your guests really want another meal at 8pm? Or perhaps just something light around 9pm? Think about the number of people that are likely to eat the late evening food and choose to minimise food waste by ordering a realistic number of portions.

Embrace the Seasons: Local Bounty on Your Plate

Skip the out-of-season, air-freighted produce. Talk to your caterers about sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farms. Summer in the UK boasts a vibrant harvest – think juicy berries, sweet peas, and crisp salads. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also injects a touch of freshness and supports local businesses too.

Let Guests Know They’re Part of the Story

Sustainability is a collective effort. Share your commitment with your guests in your wedding invitations or on a dedicated wedding website. Explain your choices – locally sourced food, transport sharing options, or the absence of disposable favours. It not only sparks conversation but also encourages them to participate in making your wedding a celebration with a conscience.

Last-Minute Touches: Big Impact, Small Tweaks

The final countdown can be hectic, but even small tweaks can make a big difference.

  • Skip the Flip Flops: Encourage guests to wear comfy shoes for dancing instead of providing disposable flip flops.
  • Embrace Public Transport: If your venue is well-connected by public transport, highlight this option in your invitations and offer travel information.
  • The Florist’s Secret: Ask your florist about the origin of their flowers. Opt for British-grown blooms – summer boasts stunning varieties like peonies, sweet peas, and dahlias. This reduces your carbon footprint and supports local flower farms.

Beyond the Wedding: A Sustainable Lifestyle

Your wedding is the start of a beautiful journey together. Why not extend your commitment to sustainability beyond the big day?

  • Honeymoon with a Conscience: Explore eco-tourism options. Many travel companies specialise in sustainable travel experiences, from rainforest retreats to wildlife conservation tours.
  • The Power of Second-Hand: Consider pre-loved furniture and homeware for your marital home. Charity shops and online marketplaces offer unique finds with a story.
  • Shop Local, Shop Savvy: Support local businesses at farmers’ markets and independent shops. It reduces your carbon footprint and fosters a sense of community.

Measuring Your Impact: The Carbon Footprint Calculator

Curious about your wedding’s carbon footprint? The Sustainable Wedding Alliance offers a free online calculator. It allows you to input details like venue location, guest travel, and food choices. This not only provides an estimate but also helps you identify areas for potential reduction. Check out your footprint and the advice on what you can do to reduce it!

Sharing Your Story: Inspiring Others

Your sustainable wedding is an inspiration! Share your journey with friends and family. Use social media to showcase your choices and encourage others to consider a more sustainable approach.

Remember, a sustainable wedding isn’t about perfection. It’s about conscious choices and starting your new chapter together with a commitment to the planet. The key? Planning, communication, and a dash of creativity. So go on, celebrate your love under the summer sun, and leave a lasting impression – not just on each other, but on the world around you.

Featured Image: Tower Hill Barns

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