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Sheepdrove are committed to driving sustainable change in the wedding industry. Leading the way with ethical, social and environmental practices.

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Sheepdrove Organic Farm

Sheepdrove is dedicated to leading the way when it comes to sustainability and self-sufficiency, continually working to improve its management of energy, water, soil and other natural resources. It invests in projects to conserve and enhance biodiversity. 

The Sheepdrove story began over 40 years ago, when Peter and Juliet Kindersley bought a dilapidated farmhouse on the top of the windswept Berkshire Downs. Over the years they purchased additional land and have grown Sheepdrove to its current 2,500 acreage. 

Set in the beautiful West Berkshire countryside with stunning views and scenery, Sheepdrove is a venue like no other – sustainable, authentic, natural, modern but with a heart. A choice of unique rooms and diverse indoor and outdoor spaces deliver a flexible, versatile location to host a truly bespoke celebration.

“Raising awareness about the importance of making sustainable choices in life for all occasions, whether every day or exceptional, is and always has been at the heart of Sheepdrove’s philosophy. Eco-friendly weddings are our passion and everything we do at Sheepdrove helps to make sure that weddings here are environmentally friendly.” Rosie Kindersley, Sheepdrove

Leading sustainable change in the wedding industry

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance is a collective of environmentally conscious businesses all working together to reduce the impact our industry has on the world we live in.  Join us as a partner and become part of a community leading the change towards to a more sustainable wedding industry.

By choosing to partner with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance you are contributing to more sustainable future for our industry. Our focus is on developing tools to help companies make their business more sustainable, educate their clients on what sustainability means for them, and promote sustainable businesses far and wide.

Align your business with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance and be the driving force behind sustainable change in the industry.