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How can a wedding venue reduce costs while being eco-friendly?

Mar 18, 2023

With the economic uncertainty and cost of living putting increasing pressure on the wedding industry in general, a lot of wedding venues are looking to lower costs. For those of you who want to retain your sustainability credentials, however, you could be feeling like the challenge is even greater. The good news is there are several ways a wedding venue can lower costs while being eco-friendly. In this guide we have put together some ideas for you to explore. If you want to get sustainability on the agenda at your wedding venue, get in touch with us to explore how the Sustainable Wedding Alliance can help…


How can a wedding venue reduce costs while being eco-friendly

As a wedding venue you have the opportunity to make a positive environmental and social impact not only in your business, but also to the weddings that you host. We’ve put together our top tops on how you can get started on your sustainability journey whilst reducing costs too!

1 – Food Waste
2 – Energy Efficient Equipment
3 – Source Local & Seasonal
4 – Implement Water Control Measures
5 – Review Packaging Requirements
6 – Implement A Recycling Programme
7 – Switch Your Cleaning Products


1 – Reduce food waste

Wedding venues that have on site catering can make huge inroads into reducing costs and the burden on the planet by implementing a food waste management system. Ideas include composting, donating surplus food to local charities and working with couples to agree portion sizes and menus to optimise consumption . This can not only help the environment, but also save money on food purchases and disposal costs.


2 – Use energy-efficient equipment

Using energy-efficient equipment, such as low-energy lighting, induction cooktops, and eco-friendly certified appliances, can reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills – which with the current climate of increasing costs will be a welcome saving for a lot of wedding venues.


3 – Source local and seasonal ingredients

Sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally can not only reduce the environmental impact of transportation, but also often results in fresher, higher quality ingredients at a lower cost. You can work with your couples to create menus which reflect the area and support the local community. Often there is an opportunity to collaborate with local suppliers for additional savings and cross promotion activity, which could boost your business while saving costs and helping the environment.


4 – Implement water conservation measures

When thinking about how can a wedding venue  lower costs while being eco-friendly,  there is a big opportunity when it comes to water. Implementing water conservation measures, such as installing low-flow faucets and toilets, fixing leaks, and using water-efficient dishwashers can have a significant impact on your water consumption, which can save you money and help reduce the burden on the environment.


5 – Use reusable or compostable packaging

Switching to reusable or compostable packaging can reduce waste and save money on disposable packaging costs over time. There are also recycling opportunities that could be available to wedding venues like yours where you can donate packaging to be re-used, or have it collected for repurposing. By joining the Sustainable Wedding Alliance we can support you with finding initiatives like these, and give ongoing support to help you be more sustainable.


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6 – Implement a recycling program

Waste is a costly business in the wedding industry – from a profit and a planetary impact perspective. Having an active recycling policy can reduce waste and often save money on waste disposal fees. From ditching the single use plastic to implementing food waste management initiatives, your wedding venue could benefit massively from getting serious about recycling.


7 – Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce the environmental impact of harsh chemicals, and often save money on cleaning supplies over time. Be careful of brands that claim to be eco-friendly when they have less than sustainable credentials however, as greenwashing is on the rise and could be counter-productive to your goals to be more sustainable.


How can a wedding venue reduce costs while being environmentally conscious?

By implementing these positive environmental practices, a wedding venue can not only reduce its environmental impact, but also lower costs over time. What is important however, is to get a strategy so that you can measure your impact and create a sustainable sustainability plan! Here at the Sustainable Wedding Alliance we can help your venue… Let’s chat….

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