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Featured Member: Sheepdrove Wedding Venue

Feb 22, 2022

Where it all started…

Sheepdrove is an award-winning, family-run, mixed organic farm which is Soil Association certified. The farm is renowned for its exceptional conservation work and habitat creation for birds and other wildlife but is also a truly unique and very special place to get married.

We have witnessed the miraculous generosity of nature as the countryside around us has come back to life and, with the return of myriad birds, wild flowers, small mammals, reptiles and insect life, land which was turning into an arid prairie has been transformed to a rich tapestry of wildlife.”

Peter Kindersley

Juliet and Peter Kindersley, founders of innovative information publisher DK, converted the farm to organic over a quarter of a century ago, their interest driven by a desire to set up a model for sustainable agriculture and a passionate concern for animal welfare.

They remain committed to environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Now in retirement, their daughter, Rosie Kindersley looks after Sheepdrove with the help of a fabulous team including Alli Cooke who you are most likely to see on all your visits to the farm.

A key aim for the architects and planners of Sheepdrove was that the building should reflect the aims and philosophy of Sheepdrove and its owners. The construction therefore had to be as ethical and environmentally responsible as possible and was informed by the latest thinking on sustainability.

The pioneering green and sustainable events venue at Sheepdrove Organic Farm was opened by HRH Prince of Wales in 2004 and soon after opening, they were awarded the ‘Special Award for Sustainability’ in the Civic Trust Awards 2005. Other notable awards the venue has achieved is ‘First place in the Green Award category of the Event Awards 2008 and also RSPB Telegraph Nature of Farming Award 2012.


Weddings at Sheepdrove

Less than two hours from London and set in beautiful West Berkshire countryside with stunning views and spectacular scenery, Sheepdrove is a venue like no other and exclusive to anyone that has a wedding there, making it magical location for a couple and their family and friends. Surrounded by two thousand acres of green pastures, fields of heritage grains, wildflower meadows, native broadleaf woods, and miles and miles of hedgerows. There is an abundance of photo opportunities for a picture-perfect wedding, from the high vaulted spaces of the majestic Oak Room and the Courtyard Hall to the intimate circular tower top Rook’s Nest and the peace and tranquillity of the long lake.

Couples are welcome to completely tailor their wedding and transform the venue to fit their own ideas, imagination and style but from the moment a couple chooses Sheepdrove as the home of their special day, they are making a great step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly wedding, with many green projects and initiatives on the go at the venue.

“Raising awareness about the importance of making sustainable choices in life for all occasions, whether every day or exceptional, is and always has been at the heart of Sheepdrove’s philosophy. Eco-friendly weddings are our passion and everything we do at Sheepdrove helps to make sure that weddings here are environmentally friendly.”

Rosie Kindersley, Sheepdrove

Sustainable Wedding Venue Berkshire

Photo by Chris Kemp Photography

Conservation projects and sustainable initiatives

The ground source heat pump is one of their latest steps on a journey to carbon neutral. Sheepdrove is harvesting heat from the earth to power the central heating and cooling systems in their sustainable venue. The whole system is powered by renewable electricity from their two wind turbines and 900 solar panels.

In the last couple of weeks they have also announced plans to convert two former agricultural storage units into eco-friendly farm stays. These two tall towers were previously used to store grain but with permission given to convert these, Sheepdrove will be able to add to the existing accommodation it already has, which were also eco conversions of existing structures. The silos will have the minimalist feel of tiny homes but with some lovely curves, interesting vertical space and gorgeous views.

Sheepdrove also hosts great community events. The most recent one took place at Sheepdrove Field recently with the help of forty local volunteers of all ages, 500 memorial trees were planted in less than 2 hours (400 of them kindly donated by the Woodland Trust and 100 donated by Lambourn @womensinstitute to celebrate their centenary).


Want to learn more about Sheepdrove?

You can follow the inspiring journey at Sheepdrove Farm on Instagram @sheepdrove and they also have a separate page for anyone interested in getting married at this truly exceptional venue @sheepdroveweddings Or visit their website

It really is a venue that needs to be seen in person but if you want a sneak peak at what it has to offer, use the link below to watch a short clip on YouTube and see Sheepdrove for yourself and it’s beautiful surroundings.


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