Wedding Caterer | Kent, South East

Woodies is a Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe situated in Kent that can work anywhere inside or out as they provide their own energy. It has been built from the start with a very strong sustainability ethos and they work continually to improve on their goals; they use electric vehicles and trailers, their drinks come in either glass bottles or cans and all packaging is fully compostable.

In addition to the above, they operate a ‘Produce for Products’ programme which supports their local allotments, putting all their hard work to good use.  By doing this they can substitute less sustainable products for their own, such as using their own Marrow & Ginger Jam instead of Mango Chutney, as well as coming up with some very tasty alternatives to brands for pickles, jams and sauce.

Woodies menu covers a range of cuisines so if you fancy an Indian style banquette, Mexican Festival style cuisine, or a traditional Afternoon Tea wedding, there is definitely something there for all tastes.

They are proud of their ethos and love the fantastic sustainable partners they get to work with, and are very pleased to be part of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance.