Laura Hillman Weddings & Events

Wedding Planner | London, South East

Laura is a London-based bespoke wedding planner with 18 years of experience designing show-stopping and stylish celebrations across the UK.  Laura provides a calm and stress-free planning experience for modern couples so they can relish every aspect of their big day. Weaving unique personal touches with a peppering of understated luxury is her approach to wedding planning.

Modern-day wedding events are built of a million little moments: from the first wedding planning meeting, to discussing pre-wedding dinners and to trying on wedding shoes. Each one of those little moments deserves its own meticulous attention to detail. Each piece of the puzzle must be stylised, organised, and executed perfectly for a stress-free wedding day that altogether forms a bigger picture to deliver an unforgettable wedding event.

That’s where experienced wedding planners like Laura come in. As a luxury wedding planner, no little moment is too small, no tiny detail too granular. Laura can help you to orchestrate, construct and oversee each event as it unfolds so that all the memorable events build to the one overriding spectacular event: your wedding day.