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Featured Member: Ellie & Liv

Apr 5, 2022

Where it all began

Simone’s background is in graphic design (she has 20 years of brand and corporate design under her belt), but what that really means is that she has a deep love of all things paper.

Simone now runs her own boutique stationery studio based in the Nottinghamshire countryside and creates considered wedding stationery for thoughtful romantics and couples who want their paper goods to be more than simply pretty.

As far as Simone is concerned, there’s no such thing as a blank sheet of paper. Whether they’re painstakingly handmade; gorgeously dimpled and textured; living their second or third lives already having been recycled; or speckled with wildflower seeds and ready to make new life in the soil, each individual piece of paper or card already has stories within it.

Sustainable Wedding Stationery

Coming full circle – Simone’s relationship with nature

Nature is something Simone finds personally sustaining. It makes her happy, calms her down and keeps her hopeful. Nature sparks her creativity, but it also fires up her desire to protect it for her daughters’ generation and generations to come.

Simone’s idea of pure happiness is a crisp autumn day, a crunchy woodland walk among gold and red leaves with her husband and twin daughters (for whom Ellie & Liv is named). There would be the twinkle of the ocean in the distance, and the promise of a quiet evening in front of the fire with a cup of mint tea and a fresh new sketchbook to start bringing one of her couples’ special designs to life.


Sustainability is therefore a cause that is deeply important to Simone

“Endlessly inspired by the natural world, and passionate about protecting it, I source and use sustainable, recyclable materials of exquisite quality, and keep my processes as kind to the environment as I possibly can.”

Conscious of the life cycle of her stationery, Simone considers every aspect of its journey carefully: from its initial materials, to its joy-bringing purpose at a wedding, to the way in which it’s eventually disposed of. Simone wants to make sure that in making little changes in her work, she can lessen her environmental impact, without ever compromising on the style and detail of the stationery.

“To me, sustainability is about challenging the norms and puzzling out new ways to create beautiful things, without having a negative effect on the planet.”

It’s not about denial or limitation, and absolutely not about hitting you over the head with scary messages! As with every aspect of her design process (and the way she lives her life), it’s about being mindful and considered, to figure out how the detail, depth and elegance of every design that leaves her studio remains unchanged, while lessening its environmental impact.


How can wedding stationery be sustainable?

Below are just a few of the ways in which Ellie and Liv’s finished stationery will strive to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as it is stylish.

The materials

All the papers and cardstocks that are used are FSC certified. This means they’re forested sustainably. Wherever possible Simone uses recycled or part recycled papers, which help to reduce landfill and use less water (and fewer trees) for production. For bespoke stationery Simone also uses tree-free papers, or seeded papers, which can be planted to grow a colourful explosion of bee-friendly wildflowers.

The stationery also has a range of gorgeous additional details and finishing touches that are plastic-free and will either be fully reusable, recyclable or bio-degradable. Think hand-dyed silk ribbons, vegan silks, cotton tassels and metal clasps.

The process

The printers Simone uses have been carefully researched for their environmental methods and shared ethos.  Many of them use exclusively vegetable inks or vegan approved inks. All ribbons are hand-dyed in small batches, some even using natural dying methods. Twines are made with natural jute or finely twisted papers.

The journey

Simone’s eco-friendly ethos doesn’t end with the delivery of her stationery. Simone also considers what happens after a wedding day too and where the lovingly designed bits of paper and card will end up. This means that every tiny element of her stationery will be either fully reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or, in some cases, plantable … coming full circle.

Simone has had a busy couple of months just recently. In March she relaunched her website and branding. The new looks reflects her love for nature and mindful design, bringing flora and fauna into her work. Simone also recently attended the Magpie Eco Wedding Show in Cambridge showcasing her new branding and meeting lots of lovely couples interested in sustainable stationery.

To find out more about Ellie and Liv and see some of her beautiful stationery visit the website or follow Simone’s journey on Instagram. You will be amazed at how beautiful Simone can make paper look.

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